Prayer for Divine Empowerment

Beloved Oneness,

We come before You as Children of the One,

One within the Divine Heart and Mind of God,

and One with all inhabitants of the Earth.

From this place of Unity with All that Is

we offer the following prayer with One breath

and One Heart:


We are beloveds of the One and seek to express

Divine Will in all that we do,

Divine Thought in all that we think,

and Divine Love in all that we feel.


May we be empowered to extend the flame of love within us

for the benefit of all beings as well as for ourselves.

May the light of that flame reach out to others

to uplift their burdens, to comfort their sorrows,

to stand with them so they do not feel alone.


May the 'I Am' Presence' that lives within us

empower us, now, to become full servants

of the light and of its purposes,

so that one in purpose and one in love

we may bring help and healing to the beloved Earth.


Divine and holy Oneness,we call upon Thee

to bring Thy holy light and love

to suffering humanity and to the suffering Earth,

so that what needs to be healed may be healed,

and what needs to be uplifted may be uplifted.


Show us how to represent Thee in thought, word, and deed,

how to bring Thy love and wisdom more fully

into our lives and into the lives of others.


Show us the way of reverence, humility, and gratitude,

that we may bring these qualities forward in all areas of our life,

embracing all, rejecting none, trusting Thy Divine purpose

in all things and in all decisions we may face.


May the Truth that lives within us as Thy holy 'I Am Presence'

manifest now, enkindling the flame within our hearts

so that we may seek to serve Thee in love and Unity..

We ask this for ourselves and for all beings,

that all may come to serve Thee in love and truth.  Amen.




Photo by Bruce Rolff


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