Prayer for the Earth and Her Nations

We, the Children of Earth, humbly come to the Heart of the One to ask that Divine Will manifest now, empowering light, dismantling darkness, bringing hope and help to the Children of the Earth and to the Earth itself.


We surrender ourselves to Divine Will and timing, yet pray for all help to be given from the Light and from Those Who Serve the Light:


that the Earth may be blessed and helped to heal,


that radiance may be showered upon all who wait for illumination and guidance,


that those who have lost their way may be shown the path to follow,


that peace and clarity may come to those who are confused and disheartened, and


that truth may be strengthened within the hearts of all.


May the people of all nations be blessed with the knowledge of their Oneness with each other and with the holy Body of the Earth. May this sacred Body no longer be taken for granted nor be used for pillaging or profit. Instead, may it be revered and treated with tenderness and respect, that the systems of the Earth that are in need of sustenance and healing may be sustained and healed, and that the Being of the Earth who has waited for so long may be revered as One Being that contains all lives within Itself.


May those who serve in the governments of the world guard and protect the sacred Earth, her waters, her forests, her land masses, her atmosphere, so that no wanton act of indifference or neglect may affect her sacred Body.


In all governments, and in all positions of responsibility:


may wisdom replace illusion,


may love replace self-seeking,


may compassion and understanding form the heart and core of sacred service.


Beloved Oneness, we pray that new life shall come to the Earth, the life of love, the life of holiness. Help all nations to embrace this new life whose foundation and source is is the Divine within all.


May those who serve within the government of all nations hold reverence for the sacred life of the Earth and her inhabitants. Recognizing their oneness with other nations, may each nation perceive the gift it is uniquely meant to bring to the world for the sake of the world as well as for its own sake.  In the valuing of this gift may respect grow and may competition and rivalry diminish, so that each may serve all and be valued by all.


Blessed Divine Oneness, we offer this prayer on behalf of all beings, that all may know that the power of light is the strongest power in the Universe, and that Thy plan for the holy Earth shall be victorious over all forms of darkness.


May all nations be blessed, and may they come to bless the One Who is All and Who lives within All, now and forever. Amen.




Photo by Bruce Rolff


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