Prayers for America


A Nation's Prayer

(May be read out loud along with the Invocations)

I am America.


I am her Heart that yearns to breathe freely,

unfettered by the bonds of deception and the undercurrents

of will that seek to deter her from her true course

and destiny.


I am the hearts of her people -

those who believe, always, in America's bright promise,

who weep with dismay when there appears to be

no way for it to manifest.


I am the vision of tomorrow

that lives, forever, within America's heart - her knowledge

that there IS a way for human beings to live together as One,

freely, deliberately, joyfully, lovingly.


And I am the sorrow that wells up

in the human breast, when that joy and that unity dissolve

in the presence of dissension and discord.


I am the breath of Hope

that is given to those who look to America's shores from afar,

who hold her sweet promise as a dream they may

one day realize.


And I am the yearning of those in need,

who seek to rebuild their lives on the vision of tomorrow.


I am liberty and I am hope,

and I am the future for mankind,


Established in sacred trust,

Empowered by Divine ordinance,

Blessed by the forces of Light,

Pursued within every heart,

And looked to by those whose lives were given

in service to the ideal of America.


I am the Flame of Unity and of Love that is

eternally America's Heart -


I AM her promise and her destiny.


This prayer was written from the Heart of America

and is offered by Julie Redstone from that Heart.